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August 23 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: McMahons, Bryan, Orton, Wahoo, Flair, WCA wrap up and more~!

Les Thatcher is back at the homestead after another great WCA show, which he and Vic will talk about and run down some of the matches for the October event.  Before that though, its all about the other events of the week.  Specifically, the fallout from the main event angle at Summerslam which appears to be all about the McMahons and less about the wrestlers involved. Vic will tell you why all of a sudden Daniel Bryan reminds him of Jeff Hardy (strange, I know), and along the rest of the show we'll get into Ric Flair on both the Steve Austin podcast and the now infamous 2k14 event from last weekend.  Thanks for listening and hope you have a great weekend~! 

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