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August 27 Wrestling Weekly: Punk/Nash/HHH, Sin Cara, WWE locker room etiquette, Flair, tons more!

Will Strouse, Les Thatcher and Victor Sosa are back!  Well, Will and Les are back; Victor makes his debut today in place of Doc Young.  Will & Les discuss why Doc might be out for a while (and we wish him a speedy recovery), then we discuss some of the nuances missing from the Punk/Nash/HHH/Laurinaitis/Steph & who knows who else storyline, the artist formerly known as Mistico seemingly on the outside looking in at Hunico, WWE locker room etiquette, and Les' take on the misfortunes of a man he's known for many years; Ric Flair.  If you're on the east coast, hurry up and listen before the power goes out!  In all seriousness, please be careful and take every precaution necessary.  Be safe and enjoy the show!  61 minutes.

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