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Feb. 11 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Great African American wrestlers, Role of referees, much more!

The entire gang is together (for most of the show), as Les Thatcher, Will Strause and Victor Sosa bookend discussion with WWE talk.  In between doom and gloom, we begin a bit of a mini series for the rest of the month getting Les to talk about some great African American wrestlers of the past; Les will give his take on them and their careers, and go inside the locker rooms of the day to discuss the state of the industry during that time in our history.  We'll also tackle more questions from the board, including the role of referees in a match, the biggest opportunity WWE missed in the last decade, and the differences between studio and arena wrestling.  That last one prompts some good stories about why it's not good to take bumps when you're doing tv in High Point, NC, and nearly rendering an entire studio unconscious thanks to an angle involving chloroform!  Visit our thread in the radio shows section of the board for some interesting links as well!

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