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July 6 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly with LANCE STORM~!

Terrific stuff this week (if we do say so ourselves) as Victor Sosa and Les Thatcher are joined by Lance Storm for the entire show!  We will touch on Impact and play the Destination X PPV prediction game, but if you're looking for a detailed rundown of the week's tv shows, then you should probably keep it movin'.  However, you're in the right place if you want to hear about Lance's take on the ROH tapings last week, Storm/Bennett III, a far worse injury Chris Jericho nearly suffered before breaking his arm in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, the influence Brian Pillman had on Lance's career, training Dolph Ziggler (and lecturing him about those crazy bumps), working with Terry Funk, watching Dick Murdoch and Bullet Bob Armstrong captivate a crowd for 10 minutes....well, by not taking crazy bumps.  We hope you enjoy the weekend and that Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly is a big part of that for you!

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