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June 15 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly w/special guest Alex Marvez~!

Victor Sosa and Les Thatcher are joined by the one and only Alex Marvez, senior NFL writer for and frequent host on Sirius NFL radio.  Of course, Alex is on primarily to discuss his decision to end his nationally syndicated (in the USA) wrestling column and largely step away from covering wrestling after 23 years.  Alex spends 35 minutes discussing his reasons why, the differences between today's product and the product he fell in love with and pinpoints the event that propelled him to a career in journalism that started with wrestling and led him to the NFL, and how the Wrestling Observer newsletter was central to that journey.  And a few NFL questions snuck in there, too.  From there, we talk Impact, RAW, PPV prediction game reviews (TNA) and picks for this Sunday's WWE PPV, and Les tells us about HIS NEW JOB!!!!!

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