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June 8 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Pouring BBQ Sauce on Raw & Impact, TNA PPV picks, more~!

It's the weekend, which means the show worth at least 3 bottles of Good Ol' JR's BBQ Sauce is back!  Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly with Victor Sosa and Les Thatcher breaks out the sauce and dumps it all over Raw and Impact in an effort to make this week's wrestling TV shows go down a little easier, but I gotta tell ya; these shows were tougher than a $2 steak!  We'll also play the TNA PPV prediction game for Slammiversary this Sunday, answer some questions from the board, and announce a special guest for next week's show!  If you haven't already, we'd love for you to read a couple of nice articles about Les and a good friend of the program, Missy Hyatt. Read Greg Oliver's piece on Les here, and see what JR had to say about Missy by clicking this.  Stop by our thread in the radio shows section of the board for some more cool stuff!

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