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Mar. 10 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: T-Shirts, Rock holding back?, Les' Trip, Football(!), more~!

That would be American Football, by the way.  60 minutes of wrestling, 5 minutes of football, and a football show might've been the way to go this week.  That is, if you're down on the build to Rock/Cena, as Vic most certainly is.  Plenty of that as well as Undertaker/HHH and if Shawn is really necessary is discussed this week, along with those wonderful Kayfabe T-shirts.  Les tells us about his trip to Mobile, Alabama for the Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion, which sounds like a great time for all involved, a great question from the board about telling a story in the ring, and FOOTBALL!!!!  Well, just a little football discussion which actually started out of the answer to the telling a story in the ring question.  Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

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