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Mar 27 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Wrestlemania Rewind, Canada's best, Babyface Shield, more~!

Les and Vic return with an old school centric show this week.  Yes, there is some Raw discussion, including the need to do away with some things and whether or not breaking up the Shield is the greatest idea right now.  However, there's also a great deal that was inspired by Jim Ross this week.  A WWE Legends roundtable discussion about Archie "The Stomper" Gouldie that got quite animated got us talking about The Stomper, Smokey Mountain's "Night of the Legends", and more.  JR's recent Wrestlemania article got us on the topics like what the feeling around the business was regarding Wrestlemania 1, how proud Les was to be a part of the business after Wrestlemania 3 and a few other items from back in the day.  Hope you enjoy the show and thanks for listening~!

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