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Nov. 15 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Lawler/Punk, Curious Ratings Pattern, Impact and more~!

Les is hitting the road for a holiday field trip, so he and Victor Sosa bring Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly to you a little earlier than usual!  Les weighs in on the Jerry Lawler return angle that's got everyone talking.  We'll also discuss the interesting ratings pattern on the night involving CM Punk, the entire Raw show in general and find out if Les has any personal memories regarding angles that offended viewers in the territory days.  Impact spoilers for tonight's episode are discussed, so if you don't want to know, go from 41:16 to 51:34 to skip that...but you'll be missing out on some hilarity.  We close with the Survivor Series prediction game for this Sunday!  We won't be back until Black Friday so we wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all who will be celebrating!

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