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Nov. 19 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: WWE PPV Picks, NWA HOF discussion, Lunch with Nigel, more~!

With Will Strause on the road, Victor Sosa and Les Thatcher are back to make sure you've got plenty of audio for your weekend!  Frustration has set in around here with WWE & TNA, as you'll clearly hear that Les is at a loss for words to describe what he's seen in the past 7 days.  On a happier note, Les will tell us about his recent sit down with Nigel McGuinness, and some terrific stories about Pat O'Connor and Johnny Valentine; 2 legends who will soon be inducted into the NWA Hall of Fame.  By the way, if you venture over to our thread in the Radio Shows forum on THE BOARD, you can get some cool links to matches featuring those two gentlemen.  Since we won't meet again until after the holiday, thanks for listening and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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