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Oct. 28 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: TNA, memories of working in Macon, what's wrong with WWE, more

Will Strause has returned to join Victor Sosa and Les Thatcher for the BIRTHDAY EDITION of Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly!  Les turned 71 today, and managed to pull himself away from the booze and the strippers long enough to do the show. He is, in fact, a great man.  We talked TNA (SPOILER ALERT: skip from 10:40 through 13:26 to avoid it) namely, a couple of unanswered questions as to why some characters are still on tv, and why another who's never wrestled got so much tv time, which actually morphs into a great discussion of the importance of veterans chewing out young guys back in the day.  Also, a good story about Les working in Macon, Georgia with Bobby Shane, one of the best heels most of us never saw and why the feud never made it around the Georgia territory.  Plus, Vic has had all he can stand and finally asks what the hell has happened to Vince McMahon?

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