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Sept 24 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Producing Wrestling TV, Raw, Characters vs. Personality, More!

Not even a power outage at Vic's house could prevent Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly from making it up on the site!  Apologies if you were expecting this a little earlier; the aformentioned power outage delayed the posting of this week's show.  Nevertheless, Will Strause, Victor Sosa & Les Thatcher are here to discuss the major happenings on the week's wrestling tv shows.  In addition, Les will explain why X Factor really does have some correlation to good pro wrestling television, a bit on Jim Cornette's comments regarding wrestling "characters" vs. personalities, whether or not the great Gordon Solie partied on the job and producing/booking/formatting Southeastern Championship Wrestling in the 70's & if it was different when he did the same for his own HWA over 20 years later. 

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