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September 16 edition of Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Raw, Rock/Cena teaming up, Announcing & more!

Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly is back a little ahead of schedule!  Speaking of schedules, it was a one week change in Vic's schedule which caused the show to be done Friday night instead of Saturday afternoon, so there's very little Smackdown talk on this program.  First and most importantly, though, is an update on Doc Young.  To learn a little more on what Doc is up against please click here:

We would also greatly appreciate you sending Doc sending any positive vibes, emails or prayers you can.  From there, Will Strause, Victor Sosa & Les Thatcher cover lots of ground regarding Punk/HHH at Night of Champions, Rock & John Cena likely teaming up at Survivor Series, America's Got Talent (!), and this week, Professor Thatcher takes us to school on the art of announcing.  Trust me, this is not to be missed.  99 minutes of great discussion and a little learning to start the weekend! 

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