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September 3rd Wrestling Weekly: Raw, SD!, Sting, & a lesson in Running the Ropes

With Doc Young still out, Will Strause, Les Thatcher & Victor Sosa are back to discuss the week that was in wrestling!  We'll discuss the main angle on Raw, what Vic doesn't understand about it (which is a lot), what Les would've tweaked it to make it more effective & his thoughts on the Smackdown contract signing.  Also, Impact in Hunstville, whether or not Sting's change in persona has caught on with the masses, and a lesson from Professor Thatcher in running the ropes.  Seriously, class is in session with the how's & why's of executing it properly, and what can go wrong if you don't.  And a couple of GREAT stories about learning to run them and the importance of learning to call matches in the ring as opposed to pre-planning everything.  Good listening for the holiday weekend! 64 minutes.

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