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Wrestling Weekly 11-6: Why WWE Should Not Run A Tournament At Survivor Series, tons more~!

Obviously, the big story of the moment is the injury to Seth Rollins and how this affects WWE’s plans for Survivor Series and a whole lot more, so that’s where Les and Vic start this week, including a few thoughts about why it might be in WWE’s best interest to NOT have a tournament at Survivor Series and where that idea might work better.  After that we’ll discuss the potential for Jerry Jarrett to get back into the business with the project he’s working on (23:33), the perils of working with the wrong wrestling trainers (33:53), quick thoughts on The Assassins, Ivan Koloff and Daniel Bryan as it relates to the Observer HOF (41:02) and a quick peek into the mailbag (45:31).  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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