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Wrestling Weekly 11/13: Working Knoxville, Don Fargo, Eddie Guerrero, Mailbag, more~!

Lots of fun stuff this week as Les and Vic talk about Les’ trip to Tennessee last weekend to honor a good friend, do a seminar and watch one of the worst wrestling tv shows Les has ever seen, and that covers some ground.  There’s also discussion of how Les first arrived in the Knoxville area (7:57) and what it was like being famous there (11:28) as one of the first babyfaces when the local promotion got a television show on the air in the territory back in the 60’s.  Les shares great stories about the late Don Fargo (20:54); his skills as wrestler, some wacky road stories, and his talents as a cartoonist (!).  In addition, we’ll talk about Eddie Guerrero (37:00) because as hard as it is to believe, today is the 10th anniversary of his passing.  And we will talk some current WWE because the mailbag today (46:23) is all about the WWE title tournament.  Thanks for listening, and have a great weekend~!

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