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Wrestling Weekly: 205 Live, Taker at Mania, mailbag


On the list this week: WWE 205 Live, Undertaker’s potential Mania opponent and your mailbag questions…right after we spend a little time talking about Vic’s trip to boot camp (sadly, not run by Sgt. Slaughter) and a little World Series stuff.

After that, it’s about what WWE can do to setup this new cruiserweight show (9:42) exclusive to the network for success, and discussion on a note in Observer regarding WWE (18:06) asking guys on the undercard to do less in their matches than they have been doing. Les will also give his take on a subject Dave and Bryan debated on WOR earlier this week (25:03) regarding whether Randy Orton or AJ Styles would be a more suitable opponent for the Undertaker at WrestleMania.

We’ll also discuss the first step in rebuilding TNA under new leadership (32:03), Les’ experiences working with promoters who had no prior wrestling experience (36:47), Johnny Heidman (42:31 -- a frequent opponent for Les early in his career) and whether or not Les witnessed prelim guys try to take a little too much from the stars in the ring during TV matches (49:57).

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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