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Wrestling Weekly: 21 questions, thoughts on Joe Garagiola, more!

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Your hosts Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa are back with the latest Wrestling Weekly to talk on the passing of former wrestling & baseball announcer Joe Garagiola and just how big a star he was in his day.  We also discuss the end of Bobby Roode and Eric Young’s TNA careers (14:27) as well as the start of a TNA run for Pepper Parks, who got started in the business training with Les. (17:31). 

From there, Vic put together a list of questions for Les (28:42) that require him to dip into his wrestling memory bank -- not just of his career but of his childhood as well. Along the way, Les will share some of the big names he grew up watching, how many of them he had a chance to wrestle, the toughest promoter he ever worked for and a lot more. 

Enjoy the latest edition of Wrestling Weekly!

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