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Wrestling Weekly: Babyfaces and heels, Omega vs. Tanahashi, HBK


On today's Wrestling Weekly, Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa return to talk about the potential effects of not having clearly defined babyfaces and heels, NJPW's build to the Tokyo Dome, and more.

Between the booking of AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes giving his thoughts on babyfaces and heels, we spend time this week on whether or not those kinds of designations are still important in 2018 and how having them (or not having them) could affect the stories you tell and the way the audience reacts to those stories.

We'll also discuss the recent comments of Kenny Omega & Hiroshi Tanahashi regarding their potential meeting at the Tokyo Dome, Kane and HBK heading to Saudi Arabia, and a few thoughts on the plight of Paul Orndorff. Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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