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Wrestling Weekly: Bockwinkel, Flair Family, TNA Lives On, Survivor Series, more~! 11/20

Charlotte vs Paige.jpg

Les and Vic return to discuss the events of the week including some time spent on the great Nick Bockwinkel, which also leads us to some stories about other wrestlers who suffered similar fates as Nick.  From there, we’ll get Les’ take on the show closing angle from Raw this week with Charlotte and Paige (18:15), people walking on eggshells and why someone with the status that Ric Flair holds in this business felt the need to speak somewhat cryptically when it came to this particular situation.  We’ll spend a short time on the unsinkable battleship that is TNA (35:25) and their new deal with Pop TV and close with our Survivor Series predictions (41:31).  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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