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Wrestling Weekly: Briscos vs. Funks, the mailbag, much more

Terry and Jack.jpg

Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa are back with some thoughts on Jack Brisco, the Briscos vs. the Funks, and lots of your mailbag questions on this edition of Wrestling Weekly!

Former NWA World Champion Jack Brisco would’ve turned 75 this week, so we take the opportunity to reminisce a bit about him. That conversation segues into the Briscos vs. the Funks as well as some thoughts on Terry Funk’s dedication causing people to be worried about him last weekend.

Then we’ll open up the mailbag to answer your questions regarding the WWE cruiserweight division debuting on Raw last Monday without the cruiserweight champion (19:46), how a good wrestling card should be put together (30:00), the best way to make the current WWE brand split work (37:53), the power of the promo (45:38), and whether or not you can be a star in 2016 without great cardio conditioning (51:23).

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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