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Wrestling Weekly: Can anyone be a draw in today's WWE?

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Is anyone in WWE a draw in 2016? Your hosts Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa take a look at an article in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and talk about whether or not any one person can be a draw in modern WWE.

Also on the schedule for this week's show:

- The news of Shawn Michaels (23:59) may be soon coaching at the Performance Center and making Orlando his new home

- This week's quotes from Daniel Bryan (30:38) regarding not really being over the idea that his career is over, his love for the CWC, and how the Smackdown GM stuff wasn’t something he seemed to have a say about.

- From there, we’ll talk Billy Corgan (47:40) and his new position at Impact Wrestling, then open up the mailbag (57:30).

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