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Wrestling Weekly: Chyna, Conor (yes), Trish Stratus, Lance Russell


Les is back from his training camp weekend in New Orleans at Luke Hawx’s Wildkat Sports and ready to talk all sorts of things, like the camp this past weekend and the passing of Prince and Chyna this week.  Les and Vic are BIG music guys so Prince was a major deal for both of them; after discussing Prince, some good health news for Louie Tillet, and the New Orleans weekend, we’ll get into the WWE career of Chyna. (10:46) Specifically, her time with HHH because it skyrocketed both of them to major stardom.  How big a role did she have in HHH becoming a major main event player, how she influenced the role of women in wrestling, thoughts on her interaction with the male stars of the attitude era and more.  We’ll veer slightly onto Conor McGregor’s current situation with UFC (40:23).  No, we’re not MMA experts and we’re not spending a ton of time on the subject, but the story did cause a question about issues between wrestlers and promoters to pop into Vic’s head, so he’ll ask Les about it.  From there, we’ll talk a little Trish Stratus, (50:43) who was honored recently at Cauliflower Alley and sneak in a story about the great Lance Russell (57:09) as well.  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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