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Wrestling Weekly: Cody Rhodes Quits, AJ Styles Dilemma, WWE Brand Split

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From Cody Rhodes to Extreme Rules to the build to Money in the Bank to the WWE brand split, it’s been an incredibly eventful week and Les and Vic return to talk about it all!  We’ll start with Cody and the statement he released that didn’t do him any favors at WWE Headquarters, how many guys feel the way he does, and having a lot of respect for him being willing to walk away from a good amount of money if the money doesn’t come with the opportunity he’s seeking.  Vic was live in the building for Extreme Rules last Sunday and he’ll talk about a feeling he couldn’t shake while watching AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns (18:41) and just how far (and for what reasons) AJ Styles is willing to go to have a great match.  Also, is that willingness doing him any good within the company at this point?  No discussion would be complete this week without touching on the brand split (47:10) and the announcement that Smackdown is moving to Tuesdays and going live in July.  We’ll talk the idea of 2 champions as opposed to 1 and something that might be missing from the product today that will be essential to the brand split being a successful one this time around.  We hope you have a happy and healthy holiday (in the USA) weekend and thanks for listening~!

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