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Wrestling Weekly: Dean Ambrose & Backlash, the guys open the mailbag

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Les Thatcher is still hurting this week, but he’s tougher than a $2 steak, so he’s back with Vic Sosa this week to discuss WWE Backlash and answer your questions from the mailbag!

We’ll start with Backlash and what feels like a lack of hype and/or interest in the first single brand show of the “new era." Should AJ Styles or Dean Ambrose be WWE Champion? And how has Ambrose done on TV since becoming the leader of the blue brand? 

Also in the mailbag today: wrestlers looking at the ref while they’re being covered (24:34), which brings up a couple of pet peeves and things Les is sure to mention when training future superstars, and should the WWE begin airing shows from independent promotions on the WWE Network (32:31)? 

We’ll also share some thoughts on CM Punk (36:04) stepping into the Octagon. Is he doing exactly what he felt was done to him when The Rock returned to main event WrestleMania twice?

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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