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Wrestling Weekly: Goldberg, TakeOver: Toronto, mailbag


There was probably a little extra turkey on Goldberg’s plate this year thanks to the fact that his return to WWE at Survivor Series is just the start of something both sides are hoping will bring a considerable return on their investment.

If the post Survivor Series buzz was an indication, so far, so good. We’ll look at what happened with Goldberg (8:32) this week from a variety of angles and talk about the main matches from the NXT TakeOver show (28:27) as well.

In the mailbag: memories of more previous friends/opponents during Les’ in-ring career (33:35), has Les ever seen a big show main event that ended as quickly as Lesnar/Goldberg? (40:34), the best Thanksgiving show Les was a part of (43:20), the most unlikely wrestler during Les’ era to get over (46:53), and that time Les appeared on the game show, “To Tell The Truth” (49:02). 

If you celebrated Thanksgiving, we hope you had a happy one~!

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