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Wrestling Weekly: Jason Jordan -- big break or the kiss of death?


Back after a longer absence than originally planned, Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa pay their respects to two people who passed away recently, Molly Roop (wife of pro wrestler and Olympian Bob Roop) and Buddy Wolfe and send well wishes to Matt Cappotelli and Dotty Curtis.

Within that part of the discussion, you'll get a couple of stories on how some territories used to allow fans to get in the ring and take on a wrestler. From there we'll touch on the two big stories coming out of Raw last night: Braun Strowman laying out Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns and Jason Jordan being revealed as Kurt Angle's son.

Then we'll open the mailbag to answer your questions about Reigns still not turning heel and the Personality Profile segments Les brought to wrestling years ago. Thanks for listening~! 

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