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Wrestling Weekly: Kevin Owens & HHH; Andre the Giant stories

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Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa start off with a few more words about Rudy Gonzalez, who Les worked with for the first time at the Monster Factory a couple of weeks ago, as well as some thoughts on the late Mr. Fuji (12:41). Then they jump into the end of Raw this past week (18:01), and how this new era all of a sudden looks like the old era WWE is trying to tell us came to an end a few weeks back. 

Then, more on Miz & Daniel Bryan (45:14); in fact, you’ll probably get more here than WWE gave you Tuesday night as they shifted the focus to Dolph Ziggler. We’ll also answer mailbag questions about the return of GLOW, (54:08) wrestlers running up big bar tabs (57:03), which turns into a story or two about hitting the night clubs with Andre the Giant, and a question about finishing moves (63:24).

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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