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Wrestling Weekly: Mauro, Jinder/Breezango, the Poffos


Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa start this week with some thoughts on Mauro Ranallo and WWE coming to terms on a settlement, which may mean the end of any further inquiries into the corporate culture of the company.

Before opening the mailbag, we share with you a most unique podcast appearance Les will be making this Sunday (23:51) that amuses Vic to no end.

After that, we turn to you for questions, and in the mailbag today we have Les detailing his history with the Poffo family (28:42), whether or not Les has been witness to the kind of undercard to title match pushes both Jinder Mahal and Breezango are getting on SDLive (36:53), WWE seemingly giving up on putting together compelling PPV events (59:47), being too elaborate when it comes to constructing angles (65:04), and a few thoughts on The Voice and why Les thinks it’s a good show for both wrestlers and wrestling fans to gain some insight from (69:11).

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~! 

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