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Wrestling Weekly: McMahon Family Chronicles, Championship Wrestling From Florida 3/10


Back after a brief absence, Les and Vic will discuss the happenings in WWE and reminisce a bit about a great territory.  We’ll start with a unique experience Vic had earlier this week, then say a few words about the late Lord James Blears (7:17).  From there, Les will get some stuff off his chest (12:00) and we’ll turn our attention to the McMahon family soap opera, (18:54) both in front of and away from the camera.  The show closes with a ton of fun stories about what it was like for Les on his runs through Championship Wrestling from Florida,(44:07) meeting Gordon Solie for the first time, a record set alongside Wahoo McDaniel Les wanted no part of, who dished out some of the hardest chops Les ever took and more~!

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