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Wrestling Weekly: Ron Garvin, Les in WWF, ROH TV


With NWA World Championship Wrestling being reviewed regularly on the site, Ron Garvin is someone who’s been talked about pretty often over the last 18 months or so. Ronnie was honored last weekend in Kentucky, which was one of the places he was a big star in the territory days.

Since Les has known him for a long time and worked with him during the time he became a big star in Southeastern Wrestling, Vic thought it would be a good idea to ask Les to share some memories of Ron Garvin.

We’ll also touch upon the time Les was asked to join the WWF and the TV show that might have been very different had he taken Vince McMahon up on that offer (30:09). With the news that Sinclair has purchased TV stations in a number of major markets, what’s the likelihood that this can have a big positive effect on ROH business (37:37)? Also, a few thoughts on the Women of Honor (48:13) and the personality pieces on Roderick Strong that have gotten over so well (52:24).

From there we open the mailbag to talk Nick Kozak (61:41), international stars Les enjoyed watching (62:46), and because it was such a big hit last week, more relationship advice from Love Doctor Les (69:16). Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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