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Wrestling Weekly: Sam Muchnick, Death of the Territories, more~! 12/31


The last show of the year is old school heavy!  Lots of talk about the best president in the history of the NWA as well as the demise of the territories, but Les and Vic start this week with high praise for Alberto Del Rio and even a booking idea regarding a new team and new alliance for 2016.  From there, we’ll discuss the legendary Sam Muchnick (13:25) who was one of the main figures in building and running the NWA for many years and segue into talking about a thread on the board regarding the demise of the territories (32:26).  Les lived through it, so he gives his take as someone who was in the business and not in WWF at the time.  Thanks so much for listening; we hope you have a great weekend and a Happy New Year~!

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