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Wrestling Weekly: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte, FloSlam, Booty-O's


It's a big day on the show as Les Thatcher is celebrating his 76th birthday! Sadly, Vic forced him to talk lots of WWE so it may not be the happiest of birthdays but Les soldiered on. Actually, we start with a little bit on the TNA lawsuit and the state of the Impact TV show.

After that we talk Hell in a Cell (8:35), with most of the discussion being around Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte. Specifically, whether or not the women’s title match should close the show and why or why not, as well as the decision to put them in the Cell in the first place. In addition, some thoughts on that vignette on Raw with TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick.

The other big wrestling news this week regarding FloSlam (28:38) is also on the table as we look at the potential pros and cons of having multiple promotions who might possibly be using much of the same talent on shows available on the service. We’ll also answer a question about Rock Hunter, (46:35) who was a frequent in ring opponent for Les early in his career.

We’ll finish by asking Les if he ever had a plan B when he started in wrestling at the age of 19 (56:00) and Les does some investigative work at his local Walmart (yes, seriously).

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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