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Wrestling Weekly: Shane Returns, Dean should've left, Roman gets graded


There are a few things dominating most wresting conversations this week, and we’re all over them. Les and Vic start with Shane McMahon’s return to WWE, the myriad of directions this storyline can go, whether or not that’s a good thing and more. Vic gets on his soapbox about the match at Wrestlemania he has absolutely no interest in (18:58), and it involves someone who most people are big fans of. We then turn our attention to Roman Reigns (28:52); the show closing segment Monday night, whether or not Les believes a run as top babyface can be salvaged, could anyone have possibly believed Roman was going to get babyface sympathy when that segment was laid out, and what grade would you give Roman since he’s been a solo act for the last 20 months. Yes, this thing with him has been going on for 20 long months now. Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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