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Wrestling Weekly: Superstar Shakeup, wrestling weddings, Knoxville

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The WWE Superstar Shakeup is in the books, but what did it really accomplish? As noted here last week and in the Observer, these rosters are thin, especially on the heel side.

After a few thoughts on the late Larry Sharpe, Vic Sosa asks Les Thatcher if it’s time to make a major change in philosophy (4:21) and that is this: is it time for the company to get rid of babyfaces and heels altogether? If no one can (or is allowed) to generate real heat, then why have heels and faces at all?

I can’t believe we’ve never discussed this in detail before, but we’ll talk about Les getting married in the ring at a wrestling show in Nashville, Tennessee and having a match on the show after the wedding (31:36)! Whose idea was this? Was he jumped by dastardly heels walking down the aisle? Did he get beat in the match after the wedding? Most importantly at any wrestling wedding, did someone get thrown face first into the wedding cake?

We’ll wrap things up by asking Les to share a few memories about his time in another city within the Volunteer state. Since Les is off to Knoxville this weekend for a seminar, he’ll share some thoughts about his time in the city and working that particular territory (44:11).

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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