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Wrestling Weekly: Vince hindering Jinder...dive


We start this week with a few thoughts on Doug Somers and Hans Schroder, both of whom passed away since the last time Wrestling Weekly was on the air.

We’ll offer our congratulations and Les will talk a bit about his experiences with Kennadi Brink (8:12), who will be reporting for duty soon to NXT as a referee. Vic zeroes in on one particular thing Jinder Mahal recently mentioned on Talk is Jericho that got him a bit fired up (11:06), and we’ll also discuss Sami Callihan recently taking on the responsibility of heading up creative for CZW (23:22).

And on this particular week, no show could be complete without some (okay, a lot) of talk about Rip Rogers, Randy Orton, Twitter trolls, and of course….dives.(35:39) Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

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