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Wrestling Weekly: When blade jobs go horribly wrong

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This week, Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa talk studio wrestling, a blade job gone horribly wrong and your questions about Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Eddie Gilbert, and more!

- We start by asking Les to share his thoughts on the passing of two of his contemporaries, Tom Jones and Outlaw Ron Bass. 

- That conversation takes a turn into the world of promoting in the territory days without television, a blade job gone bad or young Les on tv, calling spots on tv in those days without the cameras and the studio audience (which was typically closer to the ring than a normal show) picking things up.

- Then, we spend a couple of minutes on the interesting comments Daniel Bryan made on Talking Smack (26:54) which indicated his intent to return to the ring in 18 months

- From there, we open the mailbag to answer your questions on why some fans are happy to see wrestlers fail when they try things outside of wrestling (33:24), thoughts on Gilbert as a wrestler and booker (38:12), why Lesnar vs. Goldberg is for the Universal Championship (41:02), would the Undertaker have value at Wrestlemania if he was involved in tag team matches from this point on (48:49), and how to increase the value of today’s stars so that part timers aren’t a must have during Wrestlemania season (51:06). 

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