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Wrestling Weekly (12/11): Jim Cornette talks 'Tuesday Night At The Gardens'


A special show this week as Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa are joined by the one and only Jim Cornette to talk about his latest book,Tuesday Night at the Gardens – Pro Wrestling in Louisville!  Of course there are a number of other subjects tackled, including a lot regarding the state of the independent scene and some of the workers who are a part of it not taking their craft as seriously as they should. 

Among the other topics discussed are:

- The state of the indy wrestling scene and those not taking the craft seriously

- The collectible and convention business today, including the one item Jim wishes he still had

- A lot on the lack of emotional investment in the product today, why that is, and is there any way to change it at all, including whether or not you inform the audience that change is coming

- How Jim came to get his hands on the material that comprise the Mid Atlantic DVD collection which is also still available at

- What it was that made two different versions of the Midnight Express such great teams

- Why it was easier to become polished professional wrestlers back in the day as opposed to today

- Jim’s favorite match in the Louisville Gardens as a fan, and his most memorable moment in that venue as someone involved in pro wrestling…and more!


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