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WW: Roman, Dusty/JCP, Guys Not Being Called Up By WWE 12/24

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Les and Vic return just in time for Christmas with some catching up on what we missed by being “on assignment” last week.  Vic will start by explaining this assignment, which was more like absent mindedness and about how this doesn’t quite feel like the holiday season.

After that, we’ll discuss (8:51):

-Roman Reigns beginning to turn the corner with the audience

-The Slammys

-A match Les has seen enough of on WWE TV

-Some things that have and somethings that should change on Raw with all the talk of changes coming to the show

-Is John Cena’s impending return a good or a bad thing for Roman Reigns

Then, it’s time for the mailbag (30:58) where we’ll answer questions on Dusty Rhodes booking himself as the eternal top babyface in Jim Crockett Promotions, the injury rate of guys today as opposed to when Les wrestled, and a lot on the Performance Center and guys who are in Orlando as opposed to the main roster.  Thanks for listening, have a great weekend and a Merry Christmas~!

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