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ROH TV results: Final Battle go-home show

The show opened with a recap of last week’s announcement by Christopher Daniels that Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky had new contracts, but that he did not. His last match on his current contract will be at Final Battle against Marty Scurll, and should he lose, he will be out of the company. Scurll's future ROH World Championship shot will be on the line.

Before a match between them, Flip Gordon challenged Silas Young to man up and make it an I Quit match. Young booted Gordon and started the pummeling immediately, then grabbed the microphone and declared that he accepts.

Flip Gordon and Silas Young went to a no contest in an I Quit match

It was an intense game of cat and mouse as Young chased Gordon, but Gordon had the speed edge and out-maneuvered him. Gordon landed a moonsault to the floor on Young to gain control.

After the break, Gordon pulled a table out and set it up in the corner. As he went to get his opponent, Young tossed a chair at him and gained the advantage. 

Young continued to beat Gordon with a chair inside the ring. Young landed the Anarchist suplex and applied a full-nelson stretch, but Gordon fought out and landed a superkick. Gordon then missed with a dive. That gave Young the opportunity to grab a Singapore cane. 

Seeing the cane fired up Gordon. He cut off Young with a chair, laid waste to Young, and picked up the cane himself. This brought Bully Ray down. Bully choked Gordon with a chain. Young speared the helpless Gordon through a table. The match was thrown out by the referee due to interference. 

A preview for ROH Television Champion Jeff Cobb vs. Hangman Page at Final Battle aired. Page called Cobb's run in ROH so far a disappointment.

ROH Tag Team Champions Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky, representing SoCal Uncensored, came to the ring. Sky got the microphone and -- just as he was about to say Pittsburgh was the worst town he's ever been in -- they were jumped from behind by The Briscoes.

The Young Bucks came down to cut off The Briscoes and save SCU. They exchanged a respectful handshake, but as the Bucks turned away, The Briscoes shoved SCU into them. The Bucks returned the favor with superkicks on both teams. They then pulled a ladder out from under the ring, but before they could set it up, Kazarian dropkicked it into the Bucks and Sky landed a flip dive on The Briscoes. SCU stood tall on the ladder holding their belts to end the segment. 

Daniels discussed his last opportunity to claim a contract with ROH. He must defeat Scurll at Final Battle, and should he be successful, he will not only win a title shot down the line, but he will also gain a new lease on life with a new ROH contract. 

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, Cody Rhodes & Dalton Castle defeated The Kingdom (Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia & TK O'Ryan)

Castle is returning from his "concussion-like symptoms" after he received a three-man con-chair-to by The Kingdom a few weeks ago. 

This one started quickly as The Kingdom triple teamed Castle and Cody and Lethal bickered. Castle fought off The Kingdom while wearing his amazing "ugly" purple sweatshirt. He tagged in Cody, and Cody took over on O'Ryan.

Taven had seen enough and got involved. He took over and led the charge on Cody. He tagged in O'Ryan -- who tossed Cody down by the hair. Cody swung the momentum with a powerslam and tagged in Castle. Castle came in with a fury. The Kingdom cut him off and put a hurting on him on the outside as the referee was distracted. 

Marseglia got in with Castle and kept The Kingdom in control. He tagged in Taven -- who antagonized Lethal. Castle finally fought back and tagged in Lethal.

Lethal ran wild until the numbers game caught up with him. Taven got a chair involved and looked to connect with a con-chair-to, but Castle came in and went after Taven. Both spilled into the crowd as Castle chased Taven. That left Lethal and Cody in against Marseglia and O'Ryan. 

Lethal and Cody couldn't work together and it looked like Cody was about to fall victim to The Kingdom, but Lethal made the save and that allowed Cody to land the Cross Rhodes on O'Ryan for the win.