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ROH TV results: Four-way match for World title

Episode #357 of Ring of Honor television was taped in Fairfax, Virginia and picked up where last month's Best in the World pay-per-view left off.

The show opened with a video package highlighting the PPV.

Jay Lethal started off in the ring issuing a challenge for Dalton Castle’s ROH World Championship. Matt Taven then chimed in and said he deserved a title match as well. This brought out Cody Rhodes, who said the same thing. Then, ROH World Champion Dalton Castle showed up and granted them a four-way title match for tonight.

Women of Honor Champion Sumie Sakai defeated Hazuki to retain her title

Hazuki threw Sakai all around ringside. Hazuki was firmly in control, trying to get a notch on her belt by upsetting the champion. A TJ Special hit for Sakai, but Hazuki kicked out. Sakai hit a fisherman buster for a close two count. Hazuki landed a double knee to the face of the prone Sakai. However, Sakai battled back and landed her Smashmouth finish.

Backstage. Gregory Helms irritated Marty Scurll. He put a beating on Helms, including doing the finger-break spot.

Jay Lethal defeated Dalton Castle, Cody, and Matt Taven to win the ROH World Championship

Castle took the early lead, strutting until Taven sent him over the ropes. Lethal was ready to dive and did so like a dozen times. Back in the ring, Castle got his mojo back until Cody sunk on the American Death Lock. Taven broke up the lock with a dive on Cody.

Lethal locked the figure four on Castle. Lethal then chopped Taven 22 times. Castle went for the Bang-a-Rang, then Taven rolled up the champion and pinned him for like an eight count -- but referee Todd Sinclair was busy checking on Lethal.

Cody hit the Cross Rhodes on Taven and got a near fall. Lethal landed a double Lethal Injection and then another, but Taven pulled the ref out.

Castle and Lethal swung wildly and exchanged blows. Castle hooked him for the Bang-a-Rang, but Lethal rolled through and Castle walked right into the Lethal Injection for the win. The two upheld the code of honor and shook hands as Castle handed the belt over to Lethal.