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ROH TV results: Jeff Cobb wins Television title

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman called the action from Las Vegas on this week's episode.

ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes defeated Coast 2 Coast (LSG & Shaheem Ali) to retain their titles

Coast 2 Coast came to the ring cutting a promo about how they’ve been undefeated for all of 2018. The Briscoes, however, have been the ROH Tag Team Champions for over 1,000 days in their career.

The Briscoes suckered Ali in and worked him over with a double-team beatdown. Ali took punishment until he made the tag to LSG -- who ran wild. He hammered The Briscoes with strikes and slams until Jay tossed him to the floor and Mark nailed him with a flying dropkick and a running elbow drop off the apron to the floor. Jay tossed Ali haphazardly into the guardrail as the fight continued outside of the ring.

Back inside the ring, The Briscoes were taking it to LSG. Coleman commented that The Briscoes will have to literally knock their opponents out because of the toughness of Coast 2 Coast. LSG fought back, landed on his feet, and connected with an enzuigiri -- which allowed Ali to come in and lay waste with some strikes and a big sidewalk slam.

Ali and Mark exchanged chops. Mark landed a fisherman brainbuster but only got a two count on Ali. The Briscoes landed "Redneck Boogey" on Ali, but again only for a two count.

LSG had seen enough and came into the ring to fend off The Briscoes. Coast 2 Coast hit a couple of nice double-team moves, including Tu Los Sabes and the double Coast 2 Coast dropkick. LSG landed a 450 and Ali went for the pin, but Mark broke it up. Coast 2 Coast were setting up something off the top, but The Briscoes fought out and hit the Doomsday Device on Ali for the win.

Backstage, Jay Lethal called out Matt Taven and said he was going to solve his problem for him.

Taven responded by saying that he was the real ROH World Champion.

The Briscoes buried Coast 2 Coast backstage and asked if anyone can stop them.

Jeff Cobb defeated Punishment Martinez to win the ROH Television Championship

An ominous feeling precipitated the match as Bobby Cruise introduced the competitors. A staredown started it off until Martinez attacked first. Each man connected with hard strikes but neither budged. It didn’t take long until Cobb connected with the Tour of the Islands slam to win the title.

Tenille Dashwood came to the ring to give an update on her shoulder injury. She announced that she has a skin disease (psoriasis), something she’s been battling her whole life. She said the shoulder injury was made worse by whoever jumped her at Death Before Dishonor and that she will need to undergo surgery. Dashwood was legitimately choked up at points.

Backstage, Hangman Page called out Scorpio Sky for next week.

Marty Scurll defeated Chris Sabin

An even exchange of wrestling ended with each man holding the other’s foot. The referee gave them a clean break. Sabin took the early advantage with a submission hold and a headbutt, then Scurll fought back and nailed his superkick off the apron.

Sabin regained control with a missile dropkick off the top rope and a slingshot neckbreaker. Scurll countered with a spinning forearm. A series of pinning combinations from both left each wrestler scrambling to opposite sides. Sabin hit a flying enzuigiri and a running boot in the corner.

Sabin was headed up top, but Scurll went up first and landed a superplex. That put both men down. A hard chop exchange led to a Scurll superkick. Scurll hooked on the chicken wing, but Sabin fought out. Scurll landed Graduation for the win.