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ROH TV results: Lethal, Gresham & Castle vs. The Kingdom

Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, and Colt Cabana called the action from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb defeated Shane Taylor in a non-title match

A battle of the big men started off with a shoulder block exchange. Cobb was able to get the edge and toss Taylor, but Taylor then suplexed Cobb. However, Cobb stood right up and a back-and-forth forearm fest garnered Cobb control.

After the break, Taylor had taken over, but Cobb fought back with some flying uppercuts. A huge dropkick from Cobb stunned Taylor as he was perched on the top rope. Cobb followed that up with a delayed vertical suplex and a standing moonsault.

Not to be outdone, Taylor landed his version of the Canadian Destroyer that he calls the Cleveland Destroyer. Amazing. The fans chanted “This is awesome.” Cobb snatched up Taylor with a huge German suplex and followed it up with the Tour of the Islands for the win.

After the match, Hangman Page came out to confront Cobb. Security followed to keep the peace, but these two were not interested in peace, as they laid out security. Cobb hoisted the TV title. One unfortunate security guard was left behind, so Cobb nailed a superkick and another Tour of the Islands.

Jay Lethal cut a promo on The Kingdom for the six-man tag team main event, which will be Lethal, Gresham, and a mystery partner against all three members of The Kingdom.

Marty Scurll recounted his feud with Hurricane Helms.

Brian Milonas found his partner Beer City Bruiser sitting at a bar backstage drinking a beer. Bruiser was depressed because the last time they were in Philadelphia, Silas Young walked out on them.

The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) defeated Cheeseburger & Eli Isom (w/ Ryan Nova)

The announcers made all sorts of cheeseburger-related puns. The Bouncers worked together to isolate Cheeseburger. Bruiser lost his hold on Burger -- which allowed him to tag in Isom.

Isom fired off some rapid offense -- including a high crossbody off the top turnbuckle. He tagged Cheeseburger back in, leading to Cheeseburger landing a DDT on Milonas and then Isom was actually able to suplex him. Isom went up top but got cut off. Milonas hoisted him up for a superplex and then Bruiser hit the splash, their finishing combination known as Closing Time. It got the job done and The Bouncers picked up the win.

SoCal Uncensored came out and said that they wanted to end the reign of terror of The Briscoes. They said they will change Joe Koff's mind by winning the ROH Tag Team Championship.

After SCU had finished speaking and were headed to the back, Mark Briscoe came from behind and waffled Scorpio Sky with a chair. Jay Briscoe then dropped Christopher Daniels with a Jay Driller on the ramp before a commercial.

During the break, Daniels was helped to the back by ROH personnel, jeopardizing next week's main event where The Briscoes will defend against SCU and The Young Bucks.

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham, & Dalton Castle defeated The Kingdom (Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia & TK O'Ryan)

Castle got the better of The Kingdom, but they regrouped on the floor and tossed all three of their opponents into the guardrails. However, Lethal fought back and set up Taven in a chair before referee Todd Sinclair stopped the attack. Sinclair was pulled underneath the ring. This allowed Taven to hammer Lethal with the chair. Just after that, Sinclair emerged to count the fall -- but Lethal kicked out.

Lethal was in big trouble and looked to make a tag, but The Kingdom came in to prevent it. Gresham finally tagged in and handled his foes and made the tag out to Castle. In the corner, Castle landed a running knee and a huge bulldog. There were more knees for everyone from Castle and an assist by Gresham with a dive to give his team the edge. Gresham went up for a Shooting Star Press, but Marseglia got his knees up.

Lethal came in and landed a Lethal Injection on O'Ryan -- who rolled to the floor. That left Castle in the ring with Marseglia. Castle hit the Bang-a-Rang on Marseglia for the win.