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ROH TV results: NWA National title match

Ian Riccaboni and NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis called the action from the Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois

NWA National Champion Colt Cabana went to a time limit draw with James Storm

Sanctioned by the NWA with a 15-minute time limit, the fans gave this match the streamer treatment. After a couple of lock ups and semi-clean breaks, Cabana took control with some chain wrestling.

However, Storm then took over with a modified slingblade. He went for his Last Call superkick, but Cabana managed to dip out of the ring.

After the break, Cabana was working over the shoulder of Storm. Cabana was rolling until Storm used a knee as a shortcut. He dragged Cabana to the outside and landed a boot to the side of the head. Storm continued to punish Cabana with hard strikes.

Storm maintained control with a chinlock. He kept grounding Cabana with punches and kicks. He called for the Eye of the Storm, but Cabana slipped through the legs. He went to toss Storm out of the ring, but Storm skinned the cat.

Storm was caught with a headscissors by Cabana. Cabana followed that up with the Flying Apple and a springboard Superman belly flop, but only got a two count.

After another break, Storm was tossing Cabana around on the outside. Storm pulled up the black mats and exposed the concrete. Storm jawed with Aldis from ringside. That delay allowed Cabana to counter and hit a hip toss on the floor. Cabana threw Storm back into the ring, went up top, and connected with a moonsault into a pin, but Storm kicked out at two.

A striking exchange ensued and Storm managed to nail Cabana with two Last Call superkicks. He then hooked on the Texas cloverleaf in the middle of the ring. It looked like Cabana was going to have to tap, but just then, the bell rang and the match ended in a time limit draw.

Storm attempted to leave with the title, but Cabana got on the microphone and told him that he wanted five more minutes. Just as the referee was about to restart the match, The Briscoes slid in and jumped Cabana from behind as Storm left.

Jay Briscoe grabbed the microphone and reminded everyone how the NWA screwed The Briscoes at the Crockett Cup. This brought Aldis out from behind the announce booth to defend the honor of the NWA. Aldis landed some shots, but The Briscoes got the best of him and laid waste to both Aldis and Cabana.

- The second part of ROH's Jeff Cobb interview aired. This part focused on his transition from amateur wrestler to professional. It highlighted his TV title win over Punishment Martinez. Cobb talked about how Matt Taven is going to be in trouble at Best in the World.

- Silas Young came out and entered the ring and grabbed the microphone. Young called himself the best pure wrestler in the world.

Young then called out The Squid. Young proclaimed that The Squid was trained by Lou Thesz and had defeated Billy Robinson.

Silas Young defeated The Squid

This was simply Young showcasing his superior athleticism over The Squid to mock Jonathan Gresham. He worked over The Squid rather disingenuously, outwrestling him at every step as The Squid flailed away. Young submitted the Squid with an abdominal stretch. Young kept the hold applied and lit a cigarette.

- LifeBlood’s Mark Haskins came to the ring and took the microphone to address Bully Ray. Haskins said he came to ROH to join with the best in the world, such as David Finlay, Tracy Williams, and Tenille Dashwood. Then he railed on Bully Ray for the dastardly attack of Dashwood.

Ray came out onto the ramp and got in the ring, holding a chain. He asked if Haskins was going to bark all day or bite. Haskins retorted by asking Ray to retire. Ray rehashed his attempted retirement from one year ago, and said that the fans begged him to stay.

Ray then said that the fans were suckers, because he’s a liar, and that he’s been lying his entire career. He asked Haskins why he thinks he’s the guy to finally shut him up.

Haskins said he’d fight Ray right now, but Shane Taylor’s music hit and Taylor came to the ring to make it two-on-one. Tracy Williams then came out to back up Haskins. Williams said he wanted a tag match right now.

LifeBlood (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams) vs. Bully Ray & Shane Taylor ended in a no contest

Before Haskins and Ray could lock up, the Soldiers of Savagery blindsided Haskins and Williams and forced the match to be thrown out.

Ray, Taylor, and the Soldiers of Savagery beat up LifeBlood until PJ Black came out with a chair. Black cleaned house, but the numbers game got him too. The heels hoisted Black up onto the shoulders of Ray, who powerbombed him through a table to end the show.