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ROH TV results: SCU defend their titles

Marty Scurll joined Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana at the announce table.

Kenny King defeated Christopher Daniels

Before the match, King took the microphone and made fun of Daniels for being old.

Daniels started off the match with a springboard moonsault for a two count. Daniels worked King over for a while -- until King managed to land a leg sweep to knock Daniels off the ring apron. 

After the break, King was firmly in control. However, Daniels landed a Blue Thunder Bomb and went back on the offensive. King countered with a spinebuster and unsuccessfully used the ropes for leverage on the pin. King then used a low blow when the referee’s back was turned, which allowed him to hit the Royal Flush on Daniels for the win.

Dalton Castle reminded us that he was out for a long time and is hungry to get revenge on Matt Taven at Final Battle.

ROH Television Champion Jeff Cobb defeated Josh Woods in a non-title match

The match started off with a grappling exchange. Meanwhile, Hangman Page came out with a chair to watch from the stage. Woods went for a takedown and followed it up with an armbar attempt. Woods maintained top control with a wristlock. Page looked bored.

Cobb powered to his feet and used an arm throw to set up a capture suplex, but he missed with a running hip attack and that set up a hip throw by Woods. Woods again went for an armbar. Cobb elevated him and tossed him into the turnbuckle.

Woods went for a springboard DDT, but Cobb caught him in mid-air and landed the Tour of the Islands for the three count.

Not to be outdone, Page came to the ring and announced that he himself would be competing immediately against Facade.

Hangman Page defeated Facade

After the break, Cobb was seated in the chair on the stage -- and Page was putting a hurting on Facade. Page connected with his running Shooting Star Press off the apron. He landed a bridging fallaway slam for a two count.

Unlike Woods, Facade got in a bit of aerial offense until Page connected with a huge boot to the face. Facade used a springboard 450 double ax handle, but that didn’t matter as Page hit the shotgun clothesline and the Rite of Passage to earn the victory. This brought Cobb back to the ring and the two Final Battle opponents faced off.

A replay of the finish of Scurll's win over Christopher Daniels to win Survival of the Fittest was shown. Apparently, after that match, Daniels and Scurll had a discussion backstage. Daniels said it was the Bullet Club that won, not Scurll. Daniels bated Scurll into putting his title shot on the line against him at Final Battle.

Taven and TK O’Ryan were backstage talking trash on Jay Lethal.

ROH Tag Team Champions SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) defeated Guerrero Maya Jr. & Stuka Jr. to retain their titles

Sky was dressed like Apollo Creed before he faced Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Frankie Kazarian appeared to be wearing a Cobra Kai outfit from the Karate Kid.

Some unique offense started it off as Maya and Stuka used a double surfboard on Kazarian and followed it up with a full body twist. Sky finally made the tag and lured Maya in for a headscissors. He then hit a double stomp on Stuka. However, Stuka used a spinebuster on Sky and a moonsault to Kazarian on the outside. The pace really picked up and Maya hit a flipping tope through the ropes to wipe out Sky.

Back in the ring, Sky and Kazarian used a combination uranage and backstabber, which they call the "Burning Heart," on Stuka for the win and the successful title defense.

After the match, Daniels came to the ring with a microphone. He reminded us that Sky and Kazarian had earned new contracts by winning the ROH Tag Team titles, but he did not. He then announced that he would be facing Scurll for Scurll’s future title shot.

Scurll came to the ring and took the microphone. He talked about all that Daniels had accomplished in ROH, but then said that this would be Daniels' final battle.