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ROH TV results: Soldiers of Savagery attack LifeBlood

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman called the action from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brawler Milonas) defeated Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger & Ryan Nova) and Coast to Coast (Shaheem Ali & LSG) in a three-way tag match

Nova and LSG started it off with some quick exchanges until Nova landed a cutter and tagged in Cheeseburger. LSG evaded and tagged in Ali. Both Bouncers came in and squished all of their foes in the corners and then celebrated.

Coast to Coast knocked the Bouncers to the floor, but Shinobi Shadow Squad cut them off. They each hit a dive on the Bouncers. It was chaos on the floor.

After the commercial, LSG was working over Cheeseburger. He tagged in Ali and continued beating on Cheeseburger. Eventually, Cheeseburger tagged in Milonas and he laid waste to Ali. LSG broke up a pin, Milonas hit a spinning slam on Ali into a pin, and Nova broke it up.

Ali attempted to slam Milonas but couldn’t do it and fell under the weight of the big man. Nova tagged himself in and attacked the Bouncers himself. Cheeseburger then came in to back him up. Cheeseburger landed a dive onto Coast to Coast from the top to the floor. Nova was caught alone in the ring -- and the Bouncers were able to hit the Last Call leg drop to get the win.

Kenny King came to the ring pretending to be blind. He had a cane and sunglasses and was selling the mist from Great Muta at G1 Supercard. King said he was the only man in wrestling that backs up what he says. He said he wants to be called by his new nickname, Kenny “Shawn Michaels” King.

King then said that he was proud of Matt Taven, because that’s his homie, and that Kings are often friendly with each other. One day, he and Taven will have to discuss the terms of Taven’s surrender, but Taven isn’t his current target.

King then brought up Jay Lethal and said that he thinks Lethal sucks, and that he is going to make Lethal bend the knee.

A Flip Gordon video package aired with him talking about his knee injury. Gordon said that he pushed himself to recover as fast as possible, and he’s ready to wrestle. He wants a shot at Taven and he’ll be getting that shot next week on TV.

Josh Woods defeated Flex Simmons

Woods came in, speared Simmons, and tossed him around until delivering his Seismic Toss finisher. Woods picked up the easy win.

Bandido defeated Shane Taylor

Bandido avoided Taylor early and landed a big kick. Bandido sent Taylor to the floor and hit a suicide dive, followed by a twisting moonsault onto Taylor. However, Taylor inevitably got a hold of Bandido and used his strength and striking abilities to floor the high flyer.

Taylor took his time working over Bandido and launched him with a huge hip toss. Taylor crushed Bandido with a corner splash and then stepped on the back of his head. Bandido fought to his feet, but a huge knee from Taylor leveled him.

After the break, a striking exchange took place with Bandido firing up until eating a huge headbutt and a flatliner. Bandido barely kicked out at two. Taylor hit an Ace Crusher, but Bandido kicked out at two again.

Taylor made a mistake and Bandido hit a twisting crossbody, followed it up with a huge knee from a fireman’s carry, and then hit the 21 Plex to keep Taylor down and pick up the huge win.

After the match, Bully Ray came in to jump Bandido, but LifeBlood had Bandido's back. It looked like a three-on-one advantage for LifeBlood, but LifeBlood got attacked from behind by the Soldiers of Savagery. They laid waste to LifeBlood and stood tall to end the show, apparently siding with Taylor and Bully Ray.