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ROH TV results: Two title matches on episode 400

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman called the action.

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions Villain Enterprises (PCO, Marty Scurll & Brody King) defeated Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb & Rush to retain their titles

Lethal and PCO started it off for their respective teams. Lethal nailed PCO with a lot of kicks, but PCO was barely phased. PCO begged Lethal to dive on him, which distracted Lethal long enough for Scurll to cut off Lethal. PCO tagged in Scurll, and Lethal tagged in Rush.

Kenny King and Amy Rose joined the announce team mid-match and Kenny immediately brought up his “eye surgery.” Throughout the match, he kept asking what was happening because he couldn’t see.

In the ring, Rush and Scurll wrestled to a stalemate. Rush tagged in Cobb, and Scurll tagged in King. A quick exchange led to Cobb nailing a dropkick. However, King fired back and landed a running crossbody and then pulled off a hurricanrana on Cobb.

King was sent to the floor by Rush. Lethal dove on him, but King caught him. With a kick assist by Scurll, King suplexed Lethal onto the floor.

After the break, Lethal was in the ring with King attempting to suplex him but instead used a cutter to drop the big man. King tagged in Scurll, and Lethal tagged in Rush. Rush ran wild and decimated his foes until he got arrogant and Scurll cut him off with a superkick to the knee.

Scurll called for the chicken wing, but Rush nailed him with a headbutt and tagged in Cobb, who came in and gave two stalling suplexes to King and PCO. He then launched Scurll and followed it up with a moonsault.

PCO broke up the pin, but Cobb managed to hoist King and Scurll up at the same time for a double suplex. This brought in PCO, who came in and tossed Cobb to the floor. King hit a flipping dive onto Cobb and Lethal, then PCO hit a Scurll-assisted flip dive of his own and took out all three of their opponents.

Back in the ring, Scurll and King combined forces to hit a sunset German suplex on Cobb. They then hit a 619 and cannonball combo on him. Scurll tagged in PCO and grabbed Cobb, but he ate a Cobb superkick. Lethal then came off the top with an elbow, but PCO stood up. Rush then hit him with an overhead belly-to-belly.

Lethal again hit a top rope elbow, but Scurll broke up the pin. In the chaos, Lethal hit a Lethal Injection on Scurll and went for it again on King, but King caught him on his shoulders and landed a crazy spinning powerbomb. PCO followed it up with a moonsault, which got the win for Villain Enterprises.

During the commercial, as Lethal was leaving, Kenny King jumped Lethal from behind and used his cane to choke him out.

ROH World Champion Matt Taven defeated Flip Gordon to retain his title

After an early exchange sent Taven to the floor, Gordon hit a suicide dive. As Gordon was on the ring apron, TK O’Ryan attempted to get involved. That distracted Gordon enough to allow Taven to knock him to the floor. Taven launched Gordon into the ring post and then threw him back into the ring.

Gordon got the advantage and landed a kick and a one-legged moonsault. Taven kicked out at two and bailed to the floor. Taven baited him to the outside and then drilled Gordon in the knee. Taven went to follow that up with a running dropkick to the floor, but Gordon evaded and landed a superkick. Gordon charged after Taven, but Taven hip tossed him into the guardrail.

After the commercial, Taven was attacking Gordon's injured knee with punches. Gordon fought to his feet and landed a knee to the head of Taven. However, Taven kept going back to the knee with a dragon screw leg whip, which sent Gordon to the floor. As he was out there, Taven distracted the referee. That allowed O’Ryan to attack Gordon.

Taven locked on a half Boston crab back inside the ring, but Gordon got to the ropes. Finally, Gordon managed to hit a springboard spear to buy himself some recovery time. A striking exchange ended with a huge knee by Gordon. He then hit an inverted driver to get a two count.

After the final break, Taven had Gordon perched atop the turnbuckle and landed a superplex, but it was Gordon who hooked the inside cradle. He only got a two count. Gordon fired up and landed a Russian leg sweep from the second rope and a spinning Falcon Arrow, getting a two count.

Taven spit in the face of Gordon and landed a pop-up powerbomb and a Just the Tip knee. He went for a cover, but Gordon kicked out at two.

Gordon fought back up and hit a swinging TKO. He went up top, but as he was on the top rope, the red balloons floated up from ringside, distracting Gordon long enough to allow Taven to hit the Climax DDT off the top to pick up the victory and retain his title.