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ROH War of the Worlds London results: Bullet Club vs. LIJ

Report submitted by reader James Ryder with additional notes from Martin Bentley

- The show was being taped for VOD with commentators at ringside.

- Mark Briscoe defeated Ryan Smile

Briscoe got a good pop for his entrance, then the crowd was behind Smile during the match but with dueling chants in parts. It was a good opener to begin with and then heated up as it went on. Briscoe won with a Cutthroat Driver.

- The Addiction defeated Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero

This was a good match with plenty of back-and-forth action. The crowd got into the CMLL team as it went on. Christopher Daniels pinned Bucanero with his feet on the ropes, then there was a post-match brawl with Guerrero launching himself onto The Addiction on the outside. Daniels and Kazarian retreated after that.

- Jay Briscoe defeated Kenny King

They had a basic match. There was brawling on the outside early, but the crowd wasn't into this as much as the other matches. Briscoe won with the Jay Driller and refused a handshake after.

- Bully Ray defeated Jay Lethal, Silas Young, and Sha Samuels in a four-way match

Bully Ray and Lethal got big reactions. There were some Attitude Era fans who were into everything Bully Ray did. The match itself was fun, with everyone getting their chance to get some stuff in.

In the closing moments, Bully Ray and Lethal did the "Wassup" spot and Bully shouted for him to get the tables. Bully won with a top rope splash. After the match, he called for Lethal to come back to the ring. Bully said that ECW was his company, but ROH is Lethal's.

- ROH SIx-Man Tag Team Champions Dalton Castle & The Boys defeated Jushin Thunder Liger, Mistico & Delirious to retain their titles

Liger and Castle got big reactions and there were really loud chants for them. The match had a lot of comedy, but it was really fun and the audience loved it. Castle launched both Boys separately over the top rope onto Mistico and Liger near the end. He then hit Delirious with the Bang-a-Rang to retain.

- ROH World Television Champion KUSHIDA defeated Titan to retain his title

Brilliant match. It got the first “this is awesome” chant of the night, as well as “fight forever” chants and a standing ovation from the crowd as soon as it was over.

Titan got himself over big with his high-flying and lucha transitions. He kept fighting off the Hoverboard Lock, but KUSHIDA eventually won with Back to the Future. Titan got a standing ovation despite many people not being familiar with him going into it.

- Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, SANADA, EVIL, Hiromu Takahashi & BUSHI) defeated Bullet Club (Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll & Hangman Page)

Takahashi came out with Daryl (his stuffed cat), resulting in a loud "Daryl" chant. Naito also got a big reaction. Bullet Club came out together and got a big pop. There were loud "F*ck The Revival" chants, along with other Bullet Club and LIJ ones.

LIJ worked on Scurll for a short time before he got the hot tag and the Bucks cleaned house. Cody, Page, and The Bucks all wiped out LIJ with dives to the outside. There was a cool moment in the match where the Bullet Club all applied a figure four, getting “Nature Boy” chants in the process.

Each Bullet Club member then missed a top rope moonsault, with the crowd having to encourage Scurll to do it. The Bucks hit all of LIJ with a superkick to the delight of the fans.

Scurll fired up the crowd by going for the chicken wing on Daryl. Takahashi made the save, but he got hit with a superkick. The Bucks then gave Daryl the Meltzer Driver. All of the members of the Bullet Club gave Takahashi a superkick at the same time, but Naito pinned Page with the Destino to a massive pop.

That was a great main event and the audience loved it. LIJ posed after while the Bullet Club stayed in the ring and Cody got the mic. He put over that it was Page’s first time in the UK, then hyped up Saturday's iPPV in Liverpool (which the crowd booed).

Cody called SANADA a young boy and said he’s going to beat him half to death. He gave Scurll the mic, with Scurll saying The Villain in the Bullet Club in the UK is too sweet. He put over the UK wrestling scene and how long he’s been wrestling here.

Scurll mentioned the bet Cody has with Dave Meltzer and said ROH can run a 10,000 seat arena in the USA. He then asked why ROH doesn't run a 10,000 seat UK arena instead. He mentioned they should run Wembley Arena to a huge pop.

Matt Jackson got the mic and said the figure four in the match was in homage to Ric Flair. He plugged The Elite's YouTube show and their T-shirts before ending with a “F*ck The Revival" chant.