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Brandi Rhodes signs with TNA as an active wrestler

After TMZ reported last week that Brandi Rhodes had signed on with TNA Wrestling as an active wrestler, the company confirmed the news in a video on Monday morning.

In a short interview with Josh Mathews, Brandi noted that she was excited for the opportunity and had wanted to get in the ring for a long time.

“I am so excited to finally be in battle. I have wanted to wrestle for some time, and now that the opportunity has presented itself to be a part of the TNA Knockouts, I am just, just so excited. I cannot wait to get out there with some of those great, great Knockout gals and see what I can do.” Brandi said.

Brandi said that her intent when she entered the wrestling business was to compete inside of the ring but had other talents that she explored.

Dave Meltzer reported earlier this month that Cody Rhodes' future would involve wrestling for both TNA and Ring of Honor, and that Brandi would have the opportunity to work for TNA as well. Cody hoped to work a program alongside his wife in TNA against Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett.

TNA's announcement is available to watch below: