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Drew Galloway bids farewell to TNA, Matt and Jeff Hardy's status still in limbo

Drew Galloway

The prolonged contract situation with three of TNA's biggest names is coming to a head this week.

Drew Galloway announced on Twitter Sunday that he was not signing a new contract and was done with the promotion. TNA had only contacted him about a new deal in the last week or so, and he said that while TNA did try hard to make a deal in the last week and make things right, he had already made up his mind not to sign. They did go back-and-forth with talks until yesterday.

Galloway is expected to continue working with groups like WhatCulture, ICW, and EVOLVE, as well as other promotions in the U.K and around the world. He noted he made up his mind about not staying when it came close to his deal expiring and he hadn't been contacted, and thus had made decisions about his future that didn't include TNA.

The situation with Matt & Jeff Hardy remains up in the air. As noted in the current issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they are not taking any independent dates after May at this point, but have also told promoters that they have worked for in the past that could change.

As of right now, they may or may not be at the TNA tapings which start on Thursday. As of now, they have not signed a new deal but they are still in talks with the company.

In both cases, TNA was looking for exclusive deals, but the Hardys and Galloway are doing well right now booking their own independent dates.